HRs, Beware Of The Continuous Candidates

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Loyalty is the quality which is most desirable by any employer. As an HR your motive is not only to hire the ideal candidate possessing impeccable skills for the job, but also retain him. Just imagine this situation, there is a vacant role which has to be filled immediately and you start exploring all the sources through you could possibly hire someone fit, you interview him, put relentless efforts in following up, take care of all the onboarding process, and then maybe a within a couple of months after joining he suddenly decides to leave!


And all your hefty efforts have suddenly gone into waste.

Yes, there is a rise of a new group of candidates termed as ‘Continuous Candidates’ who are always searching for the next job. Every one out of three candidates is a continuous candidate. Now there is a question, who are they and what are their attributes?

Profile Persona of a Continuous Candidate


Mostly it has been seen that the major part of these candidates fall in the age group of 18-34. They are the predominant job hoppers. This is the age when the zeal is utmost and the passion for growth is high. It has been seen that 70% of the job-hoppers’ age is in the range 25-34.


According to a report by Millennial Careers: 2020 Vision, job security is a major factor for the millennials, but their definition of job security is slightly different. They want a secure career first. Career growth is very important maybe not with the same employer. Unlike their preceding generation, they don’t take job security as the way to get married and settle down with kids.



They have a lower job satisfaction.They just view a present job as a means of gaining experience and increasing their compensation only because of the plan to move to a different company with a good hike on the existing package. Jobs, for them, are always temporary.


Continuous candidates are more active in sites like Linkedin, Naukri, Monster etc. in search for their next dream job. They are knowledgeable indeed, mostly because of the desire to crack a new job. They are better informed about the job market than their non-continuous counterparts.

Now you know who are they, so what do you do? Keep away or analyse the ways to deal with them. Since the numbers of continuous candidates are growing you need to figure out a way to deal with them.They are talented with huge potential, so why not get into the source of their dissatisfaction and retain them instead! Well, we will be answering this in our upcoming article. Each human resource is special, even if they want to leave, you have to make them stay.

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