A day in the life of an HR

A day in the life of an HR

All those familiar with HCM applications agree that an HCM application has a varied set of users i.e. the employees, their managers and the HR power users with different access levels.

We will peek into what an HCM solution offers its power user group in today’s post.

So today we follow Tina, an HR professional who could be employed in your organization or mine, Tina uses an HCM application at work, I will pretend her organization has implemented Workday, you can pretend she uses PeopleSoft HCM / SAP HCM / Oracle HCM.

How would Tina wants to begin her day, she would like to have a quick glance at the tasks and transactions that require her attention, tasks could include a report to be sent across the manager, a direct report to be reviewed for performance, an open job opening for which Tina has to interview candidates, transactions could include processing requests submitted by end user employees like address changes, marital status updates etc., making updates to employee data like initiating a transfer, processing a hire, termination etc. Life would be a breeze if all pending tasks and transactions be visible at once. Well it is possible and life can indeed be a breeze if Tina can sign into her HCM account in the morning and access a Dashboard (also referred to as WorkCenter or Operational Dashboard) configured for her use. The Dashboard is made of individual widgets (or pagelets as they are also referred to) which can display tasks that require attention, pending transactions, notifications from the manager, announcements from the organization at large, birthday and anniversary reminders etc. And the best part is that Tina can click on a task or transaction requiring attention and she will be transferred to the relevant page where she can proceed with further action. Now isn’t that fabulous.

Tina is a woman on the move, and so is her HCM solution. Most of the contemporary HCMs are designed with smartphone compatibility as the focus, also some even tailor their screens and pages to be rendered seamlessly on iPads.

Now what if Tina wants to run some HR Analytics, all she has to do is make use of the near to Business Intelligence reporting features offered by most HCM solutions, some HCMs like PeopleSoft have built-in Pivot Grid like reports and lets the IT team create new one as per business needs. And for more advanced HR Analytics, HCMs can be interfaced with Business Intelligence solutions. And Business Intelligence tools have the flexibility wherein Tina can create reports on her own without help from the IT team.

So a day in the life of an HR person using HCM is breezy and exciting, don’t you agree…

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