How To Use AI And Why Is It Important to Your Website

Artificial intelligence. If you hear this word, you will probably be reminded of intelligent robots and you are already thinking about a science fiction movie. However, nowadays, you no longer have to look at futuristic image sequences to encounter artificial intelligence, as these devices surround us in our everyday lives, especially in the online world.

Chatbots, automated ads, programmed data visualization, or even a virtual dispatcher. You have probably come across at least one of the ones listed above, but why are these AI tools important in the life of webstores? You can read about this in the following.


The cornerstone of the 21st century is to be able to squeeze as much as possible into 24 hours. The need is huge for lightning-fast administration, quick handling of problems, and the ability to address a potential consumer’s questions and concerns immediately.

Believe me, your consumers are no different, so you have to keep up if you want to run your webstore successfully. A perfect solution to handle these issues and problems is to use chatbots as one of the most popular AI tools.

Human capacity is finite, we need to rest, sleep, or eat, but a robot has no such needs. Let us see what benefits a robotic correspondent system can have:

  1. Immediate reaction. The chat robot does not need thinking time. It answers the question immediately, so your potential customer does not have to wait.
  1. 0-24 operation. An AI device does not need rest, right? By using them, you can deal with problems at any time, even at night.
  1. Customizability. If you know your customer audience then you know how to reach them, what style they like, and use in communication. The chatbot can do this too.

Automated chat programs can make a huge difference in the quality of your website, they can improve the user experience, and they can increase your conversions too. According to statistics, chatbots increased the total revenue of the entire e-commerce market by a total of 34% in 2020. This is a shocking number, right?

I hope you have been convinced that setting up such a tool on your website is definitely a good investment, but how do you do that? 

As mentioned, this tool facilitates communication and that is why it is used primarily on social media interfaces. The reason for this is that nowadays these are the platforms where people communicate online and this habit also has an impact on the lives of businesses.

The easiest way to create a chatbot is to use Chatfuel, which does not require programming knowledge, you do not have to learn specific codes, and it is completely free. Here are some instructions to get you started:

  1. Register on the site.
  1. In the settings interface, first set the greeting message that suits your target audience. This is a key step.
  1. Create buttons. In this step, you bring your robot to life, here you specify what answer will be sent to a given question. It is a good idea to think a little with the brain of your target group because with this the conversation will be more enjoyable.

However, never forget that this kind of conversation will never replace real communication. AI methods only help and speed up processes, but in no way should we neglect personal contact with your customers.

Personalized advertisements

Is my phone tapping? How does Facebook know I want to buy such a product? You have certainly encountered such questions before and you may even have similar thoughts.

Do not worry, it is not eavesdropping or espionage behind the thing, it is the use of artificial intelligence for marketing purposes. Let us see why it is worth it for companies to invest in these kinds of advertisements?

Ask yourself, what do you need for a successful advertising campaign? Primarily you need a platform, an ad format, creative content that conveys your message, and a very important element, money. However, to choose these well, you will need to use data collection.

This is where AI comes into play, as applying it can almost completely spare you the analytical steps. This is a huge help as this step consumes most of the time and energy.

An automated ad is completely personalized, it will only appear to people who have searched for a similar or the same product in their browser as the product you want to advertise, it will appear only to an age group that is relevant to you and to the gender you have set. In short, you can perfectly deliver your ad to your target audience with the help of artificial intelligence. 

A perfectly targeted ad can only mean one thing: outstanding purchases and visitor numbers. Do not be afraid to cut into using AI, believe it can go a long way in achieving your success.

Why AI is key?

Demand surveys, customer habit observations, advertising effectiveness measurements, and thousands more scary words. But who has all the time for these? Well, no one.

This is why businesses are increasingly trying to move towards automation and AI. You simply do not have free time, money, and human resources to take all the necessary steps in today’s world to make a campaign a success.

A pandemic situation only gives you even more reason to take advantage of these tools, as in such a situation, people try to minimize the number of contacts. So, if you are currently only handling complaints in person, it is a good idea to set up a chatbot in your web store so that your customers can say their opinion from home.

Automation is now a common practice to speed up your business processes and to save money. Just think how much time you can save by having your emails or even your entire direct marketing is done by a robot.

We recommend that you make sure to use artificial intelligence in the life of your website, believe me, you won’t regret it. However, note that, for example, human communication can never be replaced by programmed software. These are useful tools for your business but always move within certain limits.


Nowadays, the use of various software is completely common in the life of businesses. This is since different analytical procedures consume a lot of time and expanding opportunities are rolling more and more barriers in front of online stores.

After hearing the previous few words, the use of artificial intelligence and different algorithms is unquestionable. But remember, the importance of live communication and live work is still playing a prominent role.

Although a robot does not make mistakes, it can only think in one way. Humans will always be creative, problem-solving, and empathetic, that is why you do not neglect the personal presence.

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