The Secret of Great Content: Boost Your Traffic With Your Blog

Nowadays, we have billions of websites, we can shop in seconds, we can send a message anywhere in the world for free, and we have a wealth of information.

If you have a question, you will definitely go online. No wonder, since after a little browsing you’re sure to find the answer to your question and you won’t have to spend days looking for books on the subject.

But why is it worthwhile for online businesses to provide you with free information and operate a blog interface? In the following, we will look for the answer to this question.

Providing quality content

In the past, the emphasis was on quantity and not quality. Websites have shared a huge amount of content, including links, on their interface or their partners’ websites.

This has changed over time as search engines, including Google, have begun to penalize websites that contain “spam” content. The focus has shifted from quantity to quality, as this has been a big part of the success of the business.

This is still the case today; many online businesses operate a blogging interface to be considered useful by search engines and thus rank higher in the search results. And a higher position will mean higher organic traffic for websites.

Of course, this is not as simple as it sounds, as for the increased conversion rate and more favorable positions websites have to be seriously fought. Articles of the right length and structure should be shared at regular intervals that suit the target audience of your business, and the placement of links will be paramount as these will be the ones that add value to your blog space.

It’s a huge job, but believe us it’s worth it.

How can it increase traffic?

As mentioned, blogging sites are very important in search engine rankings, so you can organically increase your conversion rate. But what other opportunities do you have to increase your sales by your blog platform?

· Remember the measurements

· The location of the links is very important

· The topic of your blog can determine the number of your purchases

· Involving the blog interfaces of other websites is key

You must be wondering what you could measure on a blog interface? Remember, the success of any business is based on continuous measurement and tracking. This is no different in terms of blogging and conversion rates.

For textual content, first, you need to analyze how long your visitors will read that text. This is important because with that you will be able to place links to your products in the most effective places that are responsible for increasing your conversion rate.

A perfect method to measure this is to use a heatmap analysis. Heatmaps show frequented places on your website, warm colors indicate popular and cold colors the less popular places.

With this in mind, you can be able to gauge the behavior of your visitors on your blog interface and place links to your product in the bars marked in warm colors. If you do not have the opportunity to perform a heatmap measurement, then as a basic rule, keep in mind that the links above the text are always more valuable, because people visiting your website will be more likely to encounter them.

Links to your own product can increase your conversion rate by up to 5-10%, which is a huge number knowing that it won’t cost you much.

The power of the topic

It doesn’t matter what content you share on your blog interface. We often encounter cases where a website writes and shares content on all topics. Don’t make this mistake.

Obviously, your online business also has a main profile that is usually consistent with the product. Insist on this.

This is important because your visitors and returning customers are curious about this main profile and nothing else. For example, if you have a website that sells IT products, don’t start writing about conversion rate optimization or rabbit breeding because you will lose your credibility and your visitors will no longer find you authentic.

Credibility is a very important factor as it is the process by which visitors can become customers. There may be people who have been learning about your blog for years but have never bought from you. Once he has a problem that your product can solve, he will definitely buy from you and not from one of your competitors.

Remaining with the previous example, if you sell IT products, write about the newest laptops, compare phones, or even showcase your products in 1-1 articles. This is why they visit your blog interface and nothing else.

Take cares

Finally, here are some important things to keep in mind when creating an effective blog that will greatly increase your conversion rate.

· Be SEO-friendly

· Use social proof or comments

· Advertise your content

Be SEO-Friendly

You’ve probably heard of the importance of SEO. This concept also comes up in the topic of blogs.

When you write articles, there are several things to keep in mind in addition to placing links:

· Break down the text into smaller details to make your content more readable and search engines will perceive it better.

· Pay attention to your keywords. The keywords that are important to you must dominate the text, but here again, strive for naturalness.

If you run a web analytics website, your keywords will focus on that topic. Therefore, the terms “website analytics” or “website measurement” should dominate the articles.

These are very important factors from an SEO point of view, which will definitely increase your conversion rate.

Use social proof or comments

Allow your visitors to value your website and to comment on your blog interface. This can increase your visitors’ confidence in you.

The most reliable source for people is the opinion of other people. If they read good things about you from other people, they won’t even think that your product may not be right for them.

This is a great way to increase your sales and thus your conversion rate.

Advertise your content

Basically, running a blog platform doesn’t cost you extra money, it just takes time. But why not invest some money when it could affect your sales?

We encourage you to promote your articles on social media platforms. Keep in mind that the primary role of social media is still to provide information.

Advertise articles about your products that include links to the product. Your potential visitors will say, “finally he’s not trying to sell us anything,” since you just shared one article, that’s not such a sin.

People will meet you and your product in a way that they will have a positive opinion of you. This is a very effective way to increase your conversion rate.


As you can see, the blog interface means a lot more than a set of educational articles. We recommend that you start using your articles to increase your sales by following the previous few tips, as this is a cheaper and effective way to do so.

We hope we can help!

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