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Welcome to the meeting space for HR Tech addicts and nerds of the digital era. Those about hunting either heads or jobs are welcome too. Startup? Go ahead!

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The HR Tech Weekly® is the rapidly growing niche online media company, running full-fledged digital ecosystem incl. paid, owned and earned media marketing clusters worldwide.

We publish and curate selective content from Social Media and open sources about HR Tech, HR, Future of Work, Recruitment, Job Search, Talent Management, Leadership, Startups, and beyond. We pay our special attention on the new technologies and innovations in Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual and Augmented Reality, and all things are shaping the fourth industrial revolution.

The HR Tech Weekly® makes the world better through ongoing sharing the best-demonstrated practices and disruptive updates from global opinion leaders within hot areas of mind.

The project was launched in October 2015 as the digital digest-aggregator of the niche content and became popular among the global audience promptly.

Awarded Top 100 HR Blogs for Human Resource & Talent Management Experts by Feedspot.

Rated as Top 100 Human Resource Management Authority by Agilience.

Included in the Future of Work: Top 100 Influencers and Brands by Onalytica.

Ranked amongst Top 10 HR, HR Tech and HR Analytics Influencers on Twitter by Social Media Research Foundation.

10,5M readers have reached our content by the end of 2015. Annual results 2016 overcame 80M impressions. The network is continuously growing.

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The HR Tech Weekly® also provides affiliate marketing programs and partnerships with wide range of products and services globally.

We specialize on HR Tech, Recruitment Tools, Social Recruiting, e-Learning, Personal Branding, Social Media Marketing, Digital Strategies, and Events.

We deliver our partners visible exposure and sales boost through inbound lead generation and social promotion, publicity mentions in digital media outlets, WOM conversations about products, incl. advices and referrals, posting in online communities and social networks, etc. featured with our exclusive assistance.

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The entire network consists of 35 media channels and has immediate access to 238K people from 134 countries and 1633 cities all over the world.

The main source of lead generation is Twitter. The majority of our followers live in the United States (46,2%), around one third live in Europe (16,9% in UK). Find more statistics in our Annual Report 2015Intermediate Results 2016 and Media Kit 2017.

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