How to Network Effectively as an Introvert

How to Network Effectively as an Introvert

How to Network Effectively as an Introvert

Networking events can be a stressful experience even for extroverts as over 27 million Americans struggle with their fears of public speaking. Social anxiety can cause mental anguish during the smallest interactions with people and many introverts will avoid networking events at all costs. There will almost certainly be social events in your life that you must attend to further your career or personal life which means you will need to learn how to handle interpersonal communication.

Typically an introvert will find any excuse to avoid a networking event but if you research and plan for the event, as suggested, you will likely feel a sense of investment and be more willing to attend. You can also optimize your time spent at the event in the following ways:

  • Smile and Stand with an inviting posture
  • Use compliments to spark conversation
  • Shake hands firmly and use their name frequently
  • Ask a lot of questions and listen intently
  • Be agreeable instead of argumentative

These tips may seem difficult to implement at first but, as with any skill, practice will hone your abilities. Whether you are an introvert or not, effective networking is a valuable skill in this day and age. Try putting these tips from GetVoIP into practice and be open-minded to the connections you might make and what these relationships may present you in the future.